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About us

Miss Devil is self-confident, knows her worth, likes to surprise and feel sexy! Every woman can become one of us!

Who we are?

If you don’t know us yet, you are in the best place to find out everything. Start your adventure with unique underwear!

We are the Polish brand of Miss Devil . For the love of women, we create underwear for special occasions. Our collection includes wedding night sets as well as more provocative ones with a belt with open elements and cutouts. We use the best and the softest fabrics, lace and rubber for underwear. Our kits are designed to reveal sexuality in every woman.

Where do we get our inspiration from?

We draw inspiration from many years of experience, from friendly conversations about needs, from observing others, from fashion and the latest trends. First, we transfer our designs onto a piece of paper, and we carefully select materials so that the final result is the perfect underwear. When we start creating new models, our main goal is the comfort and convenience of the client, so that the underwear creates a second skin in which we feel great!

We design with pleasure, for your pleasure!

In our brand, each product undergoes double quality control! The first time when preparing and the second time when packing. Ola, Karina, Oksana … they make every effort to ensure that your underwear is perfect.

Miss Devil is not only sexy lingerie. We know that in every Miss Devil box you can also find closeness, sex appeal, love and desire. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of fighting boredom and routine. Miss Devil woman is self-confident, knows her worth, likes to surprise and feel sexy. Every day we inspire, entertain and make every effort to ensure that new people love each other and open to their needs. We believe that you will be better together with our underwear.

The great news in Miss Devil are:

  • line of bathing suits – total love. The colors of summer and holidays. The whole is inspired by the classics of the 80’s and 90’s. Classic bikini, thin straps, panties high waisted are the main elements of the collection. The offer also includes fashionable shades of purple, orange and candy pink. Neon colors contrast with pastel peaches and beige, gold and classic black.

  • line of pajamas – comfortable tops and shorts. A collection that includes cute striped designs and other great prints, plus something spicy like sexy sets with elements of soft laces with a leopard print motif

  • line of dresses and t-shirts for special occasions

The entire range has been created to meet the needs of the moment. From very gentle, everyday models to more sophisticated ones. All this to quickly and efficiently adjust the product to your needs and expectations.

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